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Clients I have worked with include:

I have worked with solo-preneurs, freelancers, local councils, social enterprises, charities up-and-coming businesses and many large organisations – some the brands are visible above. I have never specialised in a specific sector rather my speciality is working deeply on people and leadership issues, creating a transformation that lasts a life time.


Noomi worked with me a coach over a 6 month period. I found our sessions deeply insightful with Noomi challenging me to think again about concepts and processes. She has helped me work differently every day and I would thoroughly recommend her coaching to any executive who is willing to think differently and change established patterns of work.
Melanie Laithwaite

Chief Legal & HR Officer, NBCUniversal

I’ve twice had the opportunity to work with Noomi: As part of a leadership program organised by my company and for a series of coaching session I’ve decided to book for myself. I strongly recommend working with her to anyone looking for focus, inspiration and positive drive at work. She provides a unique mix of rigour, candour and empathy. She understands the corporate world very well and inspires ideas that go well beyond the professional sphere. Working with Noomi is transformational and positively challenging.
Francesco Tramontin

Director of External Affairs Europe, Mondelēz International

Noomi supports teams, individuals and businesses. I have worked with her for the last year and she been supporting both my personal development and how I can use Constellations with my clients. She as an uncanny capacity to spot the one thing you don’t want to (but probably need to) talk about! Very powerful. I highly recommend working with Noomi.llenging.
Carrie Birmingham

Founder, Carrie Birmingham Consult

I was fortunate that my former employer offered one to one coaching to support professional development and I was very lucky to have Noomi as my personal coach. During our coaching sessions Noomi guided me skilfully through embedding new ways of working in my transition from an individual contributor to a people leader. The breakthroughs from our coaching sessions have stayed with me ever since and I now consider my coaching with Noomi part of my personal growth narrative. As I have always felt passionate about developing others I was inspired by the profound impact of coaching and I have recently completed a workplace coach training myself. Thank you Noomi!ging.
Magdalena Jennings

Global Mobility Lead, Mars

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Noomi recently and I have to say she’s truly opened my eyes to the power of working with constellations within coaching.
Noomi is highly skilled in this space as she instinctively got right to the heart of my challenge within a very short period of time. Noomi is sensitive to her client’s needs and offers insights with compassion.
I look forward to working with her again in the near future!
Katrin Homer

Director, Value Partnership

Noomi is wonderful to work with. She’s personable, insightful, and wise beyond her years. I’ve come to see relationships with our customers and partners in an entirely different and much more productive way thanks to her. With Noomi’s skilled guidance, I had an “aha” moment in almost every session over the last 18 months and dramatically changed how I build strategic partnerships, talk to customers, and think about positioning our company in the future.
Paige Chapel

President & CEO, Aeris

I have had the privilege to be coached both individually and together with my leadership team by Noomi. It has no less than been a transformative infusion that have enabled our team to view our common challenges in a new perspective. I am lucky to have reflective colleagues who put in personal and hard work to succeed, but Noomi´s approach and person nudged the creation of a new room for solution creation. It,s a all subtle process where my gains and the many beneficial outcomes crept up on me. So accept the process and let it happen … dont worry and dont rush. Besides from a team-succes i have personally gained another type of acceptance for diversity, deeper understanding of relational dynamics such as belonging, respect, collaboration and the importance of the individual vs the organisation.
I did not pick up the bill from Noomi but i would pay it whatever the cost.
Jesper Elling

Director, Front-End, Concept & Design, LEGO Education

Noomi is unique in her methods and approach, and unlike any consultant I have ever met. She worked with our family business, helped us clarify our complex relationships and set us on a path of generational transition of authority. Her guidance has allowed us to move forward with confidence and vision. We certainly could not have accomplished this without Noomi.
Paul Flotken

Partner, Caravus

Personally it has helped me unlock positive leadership behaviours that I had suppressed as a result of other events. I am now better equipped to deal with difficult situations, without the need to resort to a demanding, driven leadership style that was my previous hallmark.
Jonathan Kershaw

Head of Commercial, British Gas

I have felt like a new woman since my Constellations Session with Noomi. A weight I had carried around since childhood lifted during our session and was completely gone by morning. It has totally changed the way I look at the world and my position in it. I was able to recognise things I was already doing to break an old pattern, and Noomi helped me see new things to do to reinforce that. Since our session I have had levels of focus that I’ve never experienced before. It has literally changed my life. I highly recommend Noomi as someone to see if you are ready to break old patterns and leap forward in your life and work.
Karen Quinn

Founder, Karen Quinn Fragrances

I had the pleasure to be coached by Noomi as part of a leadership development programme. The coaching sessions were tremendously valuable. Noomi promopted me to see patterns, identify strengths and how I could make the most of them, and also gave me practical ideas about thought exercises or further reading I could do. I found her to be a great sounding board for my thoughts and ideas
Tom Armitage

Corporate & Government Senior Director, Europe, Mondelez International

Noomi is a highly effective constellations coach. I am often invited into client organisations as a change catalyst. Working with Noomi helps me identify the aspects of the organisation which are in conflict or stuck and where new relationships need nurturing. This makes subsequent work far more effective and ensures it is impactful and sustainable. Noomi has an instinctive sense of what is needed, but never imposes her point of view. She offers insights with compassion, so you can try them on for size.
If you are doing organisational change work or leading an organisation through change, I would strongly recommend working with Noomi to turbo boost your impact.
Karen Ward

Founder & Director, Aditi Unlimited

We invited Noomi to run a Constellations and Systems Coaching masterclass at Roffey Park’s PG Cert in Coaching Practice in January 2016 and again in 2017. In addition to being very passionate and knowledgeable about using constellations as a coaching approach, Noomi has proved an expert facilitator of our group of experienced coaches. I would highly recommend Noomi as an individual executive coach, group facilitator and expert trainer, and look forward to working with her again.


Ana Karakusevic

Senior Consultant, Roffey Park Institute


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