What is the best investment you can make,

when the world is full of fear and uncertainty

and everyone is predicting severe economic recession?




Talent and hard work only gets you so far.

You have to really radiate your value.

It means doing the inner work.

It’s means becoming even more YOU and as a bonus changing the world around you in the process.

Role Model Your Way...

is a self-study inner leadership course that will have you increase your courage, know your worth, clarify the difference you want to make and get you to take real action.

Whether you’re: 




you don’t have a leadership title,

this is for you if care deeply about finding an alternative to

ego-driven leadership and you want to have the courage to be fully you at the next level.

Are you ready?

  You might be thinking:

Now is the time to play it safe. The world is in its biggest crisis since World War II and I can’t afford to lose my job or business.

But playing safe is no success strategy for a world that is changing in ways we can’t yet predict.

Perhaps your fears and doubts are saying words like:

# 1   I’m not ready, I’m not good enough, I can’t make any real difference

# 2  I care too much and I don’t have what it takes

# 3  I need to put my head down and just keep my job/business

# 4  It seems to get a promotion/to move to C-level/grow the business I would have to sacrifice big – my integrity, values and time with the family will all be collatoral in the chase for success

# 5  I have a strong case of imposter syndrome and I’m not sure it’s worth battling through all that self doubt when there is so much nastiness and politics at the top. What’s the point in trying to get there…

Recognize any of these??

Here’s the thing:

The World will not change,

if people like you,

with big hearts & oceans of integrity,

play small.



I know you have more to give.


I know you will feel much better in 20-30 years when you look back at 2020 and think this was the year that you kicked up a gear and got out of your own way to have a bigger impact.


There was never a more important time to crush your excuses and get out of your own way!


And in case you were wondering – that doesn’t mean you have to shift to an obvious “save-the-world” kind of job. We need quality leaders like you everywhere.


I also know it isn’t easy to do it all alone.


That’s why I created ROLE MODEL YOUR WAY.

It’s not a dumbed-down step by step process of how to lead in the current climate. Because the truth is no one knows how to lead the current crisis.

To succeed now and in the future you need to be comfortable with not knowing the answer. You need to BECOME THE LEADER – not attempt to DO leadership.


Role Model Your Way is an alternative leadership philosophy focused on the inner journey.

This self-study online course is deeply transformational

and the perfect companion to help you stand out in the tough cimate the world is in right now

When you sign up to ROLE MODEL YOUR WAY you get:

  • The 5-Step Courage Generator which will reveal why and where the blocks to you playing big are


  •   An alternative to ego-fuelled leadership that will have you increase your impact without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in


  • The difference between fear and intuition and how to be guided by something better than your ego, so you never have to worry about becoming one of those leaders you despise


  •  The Imposter Syndrome Buster so you can crack the sneaky part of the imposter syndrome that comes from deep in the unconscious


  • Details for how to confidence-condition your mind


  • The 7 Principles of how to Role Model Your Way so that you will realise that you can do much more than you think


  • Clarity on what matters to you and what contribution you really want to make in this world


  • Courage to speak up more and a knowingness that you will be doing it for the right reasons


  • A life-changing exercise on how to settle the fear of being judged


  • 2 words you must add to everything you want, so that you can get clear on what leadership on your terms looks like


  • Deep transformational support on how to gain strength from your childhood (even if you had a traumatic one)


  • Key tips for getting into action and generating momentum

And so much more all packacked in no-fluff videos, audios and workbooks.




My name is Noomi Melchior Natan an Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Courage-Catalyst, Team-Trust-Builder, Podcaster, Wife and Mother.

For the past 12+ years I have coached leaders across 15 countries from CEOs, General Counsels and Fire Chiefs and all leadership levels from first-level leader and up.


I’ve never specialised in a specific industry or job type, because the work I do is in the deeply-human territory that applies to all leaders and teams. Some of my clients are smaller businesses you might not have heard of, but I have also worked with leaders in:

LEGO House, LEGO Education, Tesco, Tesco Bank, Barclays Wealth, Mondelez, Arriva, PerfectHome, Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Services, British Gas, Asda, NBCUniversal, Mars, Boots and BBC Studios.


So often the most talented and caring leaders ask:

“Do you think I am good enough? Maybe I care too much to do this.”

Or sometimes they have the confidence but they say:

“I don’t think it’s worth it. I don’t want more power, more responsibility. I just want a happy life.”

And then what happens? We end up with ego-driven, narrow-minded leaders.

And you end playing mediocre and small. That breaks my heart.


That’s why I created Role Model Your Way.

What clients Are Saying

One of the things that really stands out working with Noomi is the preparation we don’t see. She is motivating in her presence and manages to make things serious and fun at the same time. I feel super safe in her hands.

Jesper Vilstrup

Managing Director, LEGO House

You gave me confidence, and courage – without your coaching I would have never had the belief in myself to pursue the opportunity that I have gone after. You give so much more than what other coaches do.

Georgina Keeley

Founder, https://georginakeeley.com

I can’t speak highly enough of constellations as an approach and of Noomi as a constellations coach and teacher. I no longer am hindered by my pattern, stressed and exhausted.

Janice Preston

Head of Macmillan Services, Scotland, Macmillan Cancer Support

This All Sounds Great But…

Is this for new leaders or experienced leaders?

Both. This is for any integrity-lead leader who is ready to incrase their impact and who is adament that they want to feel proud every night when they see their reflection in the bathroom mirror while brushing their teeth.

What if I am not officially a leader?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a title of leadership. What matters is your desire to make a bigger difference. If that’s a hunger that’s alive in you, then this course is for you.

I just need to get through the current crisis, maybe i should wait with this?

 The material in Role Model Your Way will help you navigate the current crisis the world is going through and help set you apart from the other leaders.


Can I try before I buy?

Yes you can get the full Module 1 for free. It will give you a total overview of the course and you see if the style of the course is a fit for you.

I don't have a lot of time, will this be time-consuming?

The course consists of 6 modules in total. Each module is divided into smaller videos with accompanying workbook exercises.

It is designed for you to watch the full Module 1 first as that is an introduction to the whole Role Model Your Way philosophy.

After that you will pick and choose which Module you will want to do. The course is designed so that you can deep dive where you need to unblock.

I know you’re busy, so you will get lots of value out of digging into smaller sections that are timely for you. And then you can return when you’re ready for more.

Each module has 30-40 minutes of video time split into shorter vidoes and then you choose how much time you spend on doing the exercises.


Will this be practically and give me some quick tips?

Role Model Your Way is not about quick fixes. It’s about a way of life where you become the change you want to see. Yes, it’s cheesy to say, but that’s really what’s it’s about.

That said there are is information in the course that will give you major aha’s just by listening, and ground-breaking shifts if you actually do the exercises.

Will I get any coaching from you?

The course is a self-study online program so there is no coaching included in the price. But if you want some one-to-one support you can upgrade to that. Email me at noomi@noominatan.com for more info about Role Model Your Way coaching.

THIS WOULD BE GREAT FOR MY organistion, can we get a bulk price?

Yes, if you’re organisation is interested in several of your leaders going through Role Model Your Way email me at noomi@noominatan.com to organise a bulk price.

“Knowing what must be done does away with fear.”

Rosa Parks

Ready to have an even bigger impact?

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*May cause courage, inner peace, increased impact and radiating confidence.


Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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