How do you feel when you read about another terror attack?

What’s going through your mind when the headlines declare the latest death toll?

I don’t know about you, but I feel it. In my body. Though if I am honest, it depends on where the attack takes place. The closer to home it is, the stronger my feelings. In fact there are regions where, when I read about attacks there, I just close off and move on with my day. I am not proud of that, but that’s the truth.

And although I haven’t checked the statistics, I am pretty sure there is still a greater risk of being killed in a car accident than in a terror attack – at least in the Western wold.

But the terror attacks have a lot of side affects. One of those is that we become more and more afraid of those that are different to us. That fear generates a lot of short-sighted decisions. It affects our immigration policies, our integration programs, how we deal with hiring people that are “different” in the work place etc.

Those negative side effects are scary and can spiral into even more problems.

Listen to this short video about what we all need to remember in the face of terror.


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