Some days being in charge either as a business owner or a leader in an organisation is frustrating. Draining. Tiring.

And sometimes those days become weeks, months (even years).  You feel like you are constantly firefighting, working all hours for little payback and you no longer enjoy your work. 

This is where I come in.

My name is Noomi and I help leaders and business owners like you make the people stuff easier so you can feel on top of your work, make better decisions, feel more in control and achieve greater success and satisfaction at work.

In short, I help you become the leader you’ve always dreamed of. 

My style of coaching is called ‘Constellations’. I would go into it but it’s so deep, broad and unique that a single sentence won’t do it justice – so to read more about it go here or go here to watch a 3-minute video about the Constellations approach. I blend this with broad organisational experience to create practical and transformational coaching that lasts a lifetime.   

The kind of problems I can help with are:

You’ll quickly feel a momentum where your confidence increases, relationships flow easier, your blocks will disappear (or become insignificant) and you really start having the impact you desire, so you feel both happy and proud when you look in the mirror. Because work isn’t just work.

Sound good? Book a FREE introductory call with me. Click here or email me at noomi@noominatan.com

A little more about me

  • For the last 13+ years I have worked as an Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Constellator and Facilitator
  • Before becoming a coach I worked in marketing, media and politics among the positions I held were Product Marketing Manager in a mobile games company and intern in US Congress
  • I am an independent business owner but for larger projects I collaborate with other coaches and consultants
  • I am a mum to two young daughters so I know first-hand the juggling act of making space both for career that really matters to me and a priceless family

Professional qualifications:

  • I am an accredited coach and a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • I am qualified in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and have a certificate in Adult Training and Develpment from University of Toronto
  • I am qualified in Family Constellations and Organisational Constellations and trained with some of the best constellators in the world
  • I also hold a BA (hons) in Journalism from the University of the Arts, London

More about my story:

I didn’t become a coach to gain fame or make money. I became a coach because I wanted to do work I love, that felt aligned with who I am, and I absolutely love listening to people, helping them get really clear on their super powers and support them to have a bigger positive impact.

It wasn’t a straight road to becoming a coach. As you can see I studied journalism, because even though I knew I didn’t want to become a journalist I didn’t know what to study. I liked communications and figured a journalism degree would open more doors than it closed. Only years later, after a personal crisis, countless hours of soul searching, work with a therapist and many personal development courses later, did I meet an Executive Coach who opened my eyes to the fact that maybe, my talents and passions would be perfect for the world of coaching.

I started coaching friends for free – then re-training – and here we are – now more than 10 years later…

My mission is helping integrity-filled leaders gain the courage, confidence and healthy habits they need to step up and lead on a bigger scale. I am impatient like the best of them, I long for a world where organisations are good for people (as well as profits), because then I believe important decision making will be much better – and by default our world

I’m always learning and looking for ways to cut through complexity and pinpoint the things that really matter. I also know that true success is down to the habits you chose to follow every day.

And if you’re like me, having some one to hold you accountable to those habits, someone to spot the stuff you might be missing and someone to see a vision that’s bigger than what you believe for yourself, is a like having a golden ticket. I would love to be that for you.

Curious? Book a FREE introductory call with me and we can see if we’re a fit. I only take clients I can truly help. Click here or email me at noomi@noominatan.com

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Phone: +44 (0) 7479 008883

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