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So much has been said about leadership, but the human aspect has often been left out. This podcast seeks to redress the balance, recognising that you’re human first and leader second – and work is never just work. Join Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant Noomi Melchior Natan as she shares tips and insights on how you can increase your impact and influence, so you can be the leader you’ve always dreamed of being – and feel proud when you look in the mirror.

[EP 36] Why over-givers don’t get rewarded or appreciated

What could be bad about someone who wants to give a lot to their colleagues, their leaders and their organisations? Have you ever noticed that the people who give the most are very often not the ones who are promoted, valued or appreciated?

[EP 35] Find your dream work with this powerful, inside-out approach

This episode is for you if you’re asking any of these questions…

What should I do next?
How do I find my dream job?
Should I start my own business?
Should I become a coach?
I’ve just been made redundant – how do I figure out what the right next step is?

[EP 32] Your genius doesn’t show up at your desk

You have a deadline. You need to finish this speech, this presentation, this email, right now. And you can do it. You know how to be disciplined and get things done.  But it doesn’t have that sparkle. It feels like hard work. It’s tough for information to flow when...

[EP 31] The no-line-manager “Teal” organisation with Simon Dixon

Imagine having no line-manager, no performance reviews, no policies. What do you think it would be like to work in an organisation like that? Think of the time saved, the energy released and at the same time the real need for each employee to think and solve problems...

[EP 30] How to boost your success memory – 5 TIPS

Are you experiencing a break in your work or business life - whether by choice or circumstance?  Maybe you’re on maternity/paternity leave, you’ve been made redundant or are on long term sick. When we take a break from work, for any reason, it can make us feel like...

[EP 29] Special announcement and learnings from COVID

- Why I missed the 1-year anniverssary of Leadership Behind the Scenes and why I have been quiet on the podcast for a while. - What I have learned from the COVID-lockdown and specifically one simple practice that I am sticking to. - A time-sensitive annoucement about...

[EP 28] 9 Tips to Ride the Wave of Uncertainty with Grace

How do you keep going when it feels like nothing is certain and your whole world is being turned upside down? How do you navigate your life when you are on information-overload but no matter where you look no one seems to have any clear answers?   That’s what...

[EP 26] 11 tips on how to give feedback the human-friendly way

Giving feedback is a core part of a leader’s job. In most companies it’s even formalized. There are annual reviews and mid-year reviews. Often there are plans to be filled like: Personal Development Plans or Independent Development Plans.   Processes have lots of...

[EP 25] Are you working in your Zone of Genius?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know there is one book I recommend again and again. It’s The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.   At least once a week, sometimes in a coaching session, sometimes at the playground, sometimes at a family gathering, I share my...

[EP 24] Has everyone got what it takes to be successful?

I had just finished a speaking engagement and a woman came up to me and asked: “Has everyone got what it takes to be successful?”   It seemed like an innocent enough question, that also felt familiar, as I have heard many versions of it.   I started...

[EP 22] 1 Clear Question to Guarantee Your Leadership Growth

When I ask how my clients how they’ve been since our last coaching session, they usually say: “Busy.” Busy is the norm. In fact busy is almost like a badge of honour and that tells us we must be doing something important.   But when a year has gone, what have you...


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