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So much has been said about leadership, but the human aspect has often been left out. This podcast seeks to redress the balance, recognising that you’re human first and leader second – and work is never just work. Join Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant Noomi Melchior Natan as she shares tips and insights on how you can increase your impact and influence, so you can be the leader you’ve always dreamed of being – and feel proud when you look in the mirror.

[EP 53] 4 simple ways to love your life more

Why do some people seem to love their life so much more than others – no matter what it looks like? In my experience there are four very simple things you can do to start loving your life more, even if it’s not perfect. 1. Tell yourself you love your life Find your...

[EP 52] When you need answers and can’t find them

What do you do when you need answers and can’t find them? Perhaps answers to big life questions. Or just answers that will help get you through the day or onto the next stage. When you can’t find an answer, what do you do? Questions and answers come from very...

[EP 51] Designing your own leadership curriculum for continued success

There’s often an assumption that if you’re employed, your organisation will tell you ( or even teach you) everything you need to learn. But a lot of the learning we need is deeply personal and depending on your organisation they might offer something appropriate or...

[EP 50] 7 steps to take when you can’t let go of the anger

Anger can be helpful. It can move us into action. Like all emotions, it’s healthy to let ourselves feel it, not squash it down.  But what about the anger that doesn’t go away? Staying mad doesn’t serve us, and it can be toxic to hang on to anger.  So what can we do?...

[EP 36] Why over-givers don’t get rewarded or appreciated

What could be bad about someone who wants to give a lot to their colleagues, their leaders and their organisations? Have you ever noticed that the people who give the most are very often not the ones who are promoted, valued or appreciated?

[EP 35] Find your dream work with this powerful, inside-out approach

This episode is for you if you’re asking any of these questions…

What should I do next?
How do I find my dream job?
Should I start my own business?
Should I become a coach?
I’ve just been made redundant – how do I figure out what the right next step is?


Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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