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No more people-pleasing: leveraging career opportunities, knowing when to say no, and investing in things that matter [S2 E8]

by | 29 Aug, 2023

Sabine Flechet has spent over 15 years immersed in the world of venture capital, private equity, strategy consulting and investment banking. She is a ForPurpose and ForProfit investor and business angel, delivering social impact, sustainable governance, and financial returns.

She is a Co-Founding Partner at Masawa, the first Nurture Capital fund to invest in early-stage European founders catalysing mental health and wellness. Masawa’s Nurture Capital approach minimises human capital risk by screening for and enhancing leadership effectiveness, founder and team wellbeing, and social impact, improving financial and social outcomes.

Sabine also advises the Purpose Foundation on new forms of venture capital investing and sustainable governance, including evergreen structures and steward-ownership frameworks. She is a fervent supporter of French-German cooperation, building bridges across the Rhine to scale European champions as the Vice-President of La French Tech Munich. She is also a Founding member of the INSEAD business angel club in Germany.

In this episode Sabine shares her experience and thoughts on:

  • How women in male dominated industries often find themselves people pleasing, at the expense of their own inner power and career direction.
  • The importance of giving ourselves permission to say no to what we don’t want, take a step back and look outside our current roles for inspiration on where to go next.
  • How to leverage our networks and opportunities to build the careers that we want, and the huge benefits of talking to people, building relationships and helping others along the way.
  • Mental health and wellness in entrepreneurship, and reducing human capital risk with a ‘nurture capital’ approach that supports people to confidently dare, scale up and innovate.

She also talks about a topic she is particularly passionate about: the importance of investing in things that matter, and building valid, profitable businesses that also support our planet and our society.



Sabine’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabine-flechet/

Masawa Fund: https://masawa.fund/

Purpose Foundation: https://purpose-economy.org/en/

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