Executive coaching that lasts a life-time

Because work isn’t just work

It’s lonely at the top. And the higher you get the more you’re expected to figure it out by yourself.

I know, you want to do a great job. Not just a good one.

You want to keep delivering. But don’t want to damage your sanity, health or relationships with loved ones.

You want to do right by your people. But you hardly have any time to spare and there is so much to do.

Leadership isn’t easy.

And let’s face it – nothing great came of a leader who thought he/she should have all the answers themselves.   

For the past decade I have worked with leaders in more than 15 countries helping them to overcome the blocks to performance.


I love working with integrity-filled leaders who want to have a bigger impact, do right by their people, feel proud when they look at the mirror and have fun delivering great results.


Because work isn’t just work.

I do things differently than other coaches with my style of Constellations Coaching

As human beings we are wired to be part of a group or a tribe and this has been the key to our survival for thousands of years. We are therefor impacted by the groups and systems we are born into, our family, our culture and our heritage.

More often than not, THIS is where the root cause of our blocks and patterns lie and this is why traditional coaching often falls short.

So basically Constellations coaching looks beyond the individual to your wider context exploring social groups or family dynamics that have influenced you throughout your life. Click here to watch a short video to know more.

If you're a leader I can help you:


  • Gain more influence, increase your presence and secure that next move to the top
  • Stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed, learn to set boundaries that command respect and have you sleep at night and smile at work
  • Make the people stuff at lot easier, so your energy is no longer drained by difficult relationship and you can enjoy collaborating with all your stakeholders
  • Really own (and discover) your personal super powers, bust the imposter syndrome, become the leader they dreamed of being
  • Navigate the endless amounts of change with grace and integrity while delivering results for the business in a sustainable way and keep you sane

So if we choose to work together, I’ll help you with the stuff that’s hard to see, stuff that might be in your blindspot so you can achieve success that feels truly good inside out.

Chemistry is crucial for the coaching to work  and I only take on clients I know I can help, so email me at noomi@noominatan.com to schedule a 15-mins free consultation or click here to book straight into my calendar.

I coach in Danish and English and you can be anywhere in the world as I coach via video call. If you want to meet face to face, we can do that in Oxford or London.

Contact me at noomi@noominatan.com or click here to book a free consultation.


If you’re booking coaching for several people, or are looking for team development, leadership development, organisational constellations or support with Organisational Change Hangover click here.


Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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