How I Coach

I do things differently blending Systemic, Intuitive and Practical Coaching Approaches

If what you needed was a quick logical answer, you would already have found it in a Google search or in a book.

Increasing your success as a leader, business owner or change maker, doesn’t have a straight-forward step-by-step process. It’s a very personal journey!

That’s one of the reasons I LOVE my work. Although there are common themes, no two coaching journeys are the same.





Over the years of coaching I’ve come to see myself as CO-DETECTIVE.

I know some schools of coaching believes the coach is just there to ask questions because the coachee has all the answers themselves. I don’t believe that. Or at least I don’t believe they are available to you in your rational mind.

I don’t think I have the answers either.

But in the space between us, where we dialogue, explore, investigate… that’s where clues, insights, aha’s and major shifts happen.

YOU have the content and questions. I have the process. Together we generate breakthroughs.




Honed over the last 15+ years my coaching approach includes 3 core elements Intuitive, Systemic, Practical. All in service of you strengthening you Inner Power so you can achieve more with less.



Systemic means I will ask about your personal history and the history of your organisation. I believe patterns repeat themselves and so what you are experiencing right now is likely a symptoms of a repeating pattern. I am trained in both Family and Organisational Constellations so I have the therapeutic tools to go quickly to root cause.

Some coaching is like having back pain and seeing a doctor that only treats the pain in that part of your back. The Constellations’ approach equivalent is to zoom out and examine the origin of the problem. We might look at how you stand, sit and move, the trauma you have experienced iny our life, the history of backs in your family and even look at issues in the society you have grown up in that you might be “carrying in your back”.   That’s how we make sure we’re not just fixing symptoms, but actually do development that leaves you stronger, freer, better, happier. It might sound like a lot, but you actually get results much quicker. Often you’ll have major insights already after the first or second session, and I make it fun too.


Part of the problem of the human race is we stop listening inwards and want to control everything. Intuitive means: Trust yourself and tune into your higher self or a higher force. It means getting out of ego and fear and leading for something bigger than me. Knowing that in the in the discomfort of the unknown is a breakthrough worth preserving for. If we work together, you can expect to come out with true confidence and razor sharp intuition.


Tried and tested tools and techniques to get you moving into helpful action, gaining clarity and making progress in a way that feels good both when you look at the numbers, the people and when you turn to face your soul. This is not just talk. We’ll get practical so you can make whatever you wish happen.


The question left is:

Are YOU a good investment?

What’s Next?


Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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