How I Coach

I do things differently from other coaches with my style of Constellations coaching

I help people just like you to become the business owner or leader you dream of being.


My style of coaching is called ‘Constellations’ which differs from more traditional coaching as it looks beyond the presenting symptoms and digs deeper into the wider picture.

Some coaching is like having back pain and seeing a doctor that only treats the pain in that part of your back. The Constellations’ approach equivalent is to zoom out and examine the origin of the problem. We might look at how you stand, sit and move, the trauma you have experienced iny our life, the history of backs in your family and even look at issues in the society you have grown up in that you might be “carrying in your back”.


That’s how we make sure we’re not just fixing symptoms, but actually do development that leaves you stronger, freer, better, happier.


It sounds like a lot, but you actually get results much quicker. Often you’ll have major insights already after the first or second session, and I make it fun too.


So basically Constellations coaching looks beyond the individual to your wider context exploring your social groups or family dynamics that have influenced you throughout your life.  As human beings we are wired to be part of a group or a tribe and this has been the key to our survival for thousands of years. We are therefore impacted by the groups and systems we are born into, our family, our culture and our heritage.

More often than not, THIS is where the root cause of our blocks and patterns lie and this is why traditional coaching often falls short.


I’ve been working as a coach for more than a decade, and when a few years into my coaching career I added the Constellations approach to how I coach, the progress for my clients sped up tremendously.

Time and again I have seen business owners and leaders have big break through moments leading to a freedom from old patterns. People start responding to them more positively and they can now navigate through their work day with greater ease.  

They also achieve greater success at work with less effort, have a better work life balance, are able to look at themselves in the mirror and be proud and ultimately become the leader or business owner that they have always dreamed of being.

If you like the sound of this, please book a FREE introductory consultation with me so I can tell you more about it.  Or find out more by watching this short video

And in case you were wondering – I am not purist. I blend Constellations coaching with other coaching techniques. It’s all about what will help YOU get the results you’re longing for. Because work isn’t just work.


Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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