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Hiring mistakes, sustainable fashion and not giving up [S1 E11]

by | 23 May, 2023

Silje Lübbe is the owner of Nova Octo, a luxury evening wear rental company she founded five years ago, when she realised that increasing numbers of women had plenty of disposable income, but didn’t want to spend thousands on an outfit they’d wear just once.

Born and brought up in Norway, Silje moved to Denmark alone aged just 16, attended university in London and worked for high fashion companies in Dubai and Kuwait before moving to New York to begin her entrepreneurship journey.

In this conversation Silje shares her experience and wisdom around:

  • The brutal years of hard work behind being an ‘overnight success’
  • The lessons she’s learned from making bad hires
  • Finding her inner resilience when Covid threatened to shut her fledgling business down
  • Dealing with burnout and learning how to take better care of herself

… and what happens when women fail.





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