Change is here to stay.

But so many people think: when I just get through this next bit, then it will be better, easier, calmer, more in control, less stressful… And the truth is – after this period – another wave of change is coming… and it won’t get easier, better, calmer, less stressful…

It’s not the same change. But it keeps coming… 

And you need to know how to navigate it. For your sanity. For your success. For your results.

You’re very likely walking around with Organisational Change Hangover. Without even knowing…


Do you suffer from Organisational Change Hangover?

Symptoms include:

✔️ Loss of passion
✔️Cynicism when people mention the word transformation or right-sizing
✔️Thinking that maybe you care too much
✔️Disturbed sleep
✔️ Lack of patience with your family
✔️ Short-fused with co-workers
✔️ Feeling done too and alone
✔️ Questioning what’s the point
✔️ Wondering who you can really trust
✔️ Disillusionment with corporate life

What even is Organisational Change Hangover?

Just listening to your session and having a chance to think more in depth about the whole thing and “let go” really helped.

Senior leader

Watching your Hangover Cure was the first time since all the changes I had time to address what I was feeling.


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