You weren’t born to be lukewarm!

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It’s time to remember who you are, make the impact and lead from Inner Power.



Below are all the ways you can work with me, freebies, online courses, the Female Inner Power Club, The Leadership Hour, 1:1 coaching and team & leadership development.


Next-Level Courage to Lead (Free)

At every level of growth there is another level of courage to step into.

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The Weekly Leadership Checklist for Smart & Conscious Leaders - checklist (Free)
Give yourself clarity, perspective, and insight so that you keep growing, delivering and doing work that truly matters.

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How to deal with difficult people – 30-min video course (Free)
Turn a difficult work-relationship into a smoother, easier more productive one.

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7 Principles to Own your Power and Increase your Impact – Pdf (Free)
The world needs integrity-filled individuals, like you, to own their power, increase their impact and make a difference.

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9-Step Organisational Change Hangover Cure – 45-minute recorded workshop (Free)
Organisational change, restructuring, transformation…call it what you want. It’s never easy. Take charge of your work happiness and learn the 9-step cure to organisational change hangover.

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Free Yourself from Imposter Syndrome and Skyrocket your Confidence (£99)
Your weren’t born to be lukewarm. And no one benefits when you go shy about whether you’re any good. It’s time for the inner critic to take a back-seat and your genuine confidence to sky-rocket.

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Break the Over-Giver Pattern (£249)

10 days to go from depleted over-giver to success with ease. Giving is great. Except when it becomes OVER-giving. Then there are consequences! Massive negative consequences for your work, leadership and business. Are you ready to learn a different way?

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Inner Leadership to Impact A.K.A. Role Model Your Way (£249)
The best of my coaching… at a fraction of the price. This deeply powerful self-study course will have you increase your: Courage, Clarity, Confidence, Impact, Action taking.

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The Daughter Power (£37)
The best of my coaching… at a fraction of the price. This deeply powerful Heal your relationship with your mother and the ‘mother-line’ so you can gain acccess to more Female Inner Power. Give yourself (and the next generation) this gift.

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The Female Inner Power Club (£500)

The best place to be if you’re a woman who wants to expand your inner power and have more joy in all areas of your life. We have deeply potent trainings, the most supportive community and monthly live trainings.

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1:1 coaching (various packages – investment starts at £800)
Ready to invest in some deeply powerful 1:1 coaching?

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Team/Leadership/Culture work (bespoke work)
I work with people-passionate organisations that understand their employees are humans first and leaders second, and that without the humans developing there is no long-term organisational growth.

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The Constellations for Leadership & Change Program (£299)
Learn how to use the Power of Constellations method in your coaching, consulting and OD work. This is perfect for you if you’ve experienced a family constellation and want to apply the method to organisational change.

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Looking for Noomi to speak at your event – email your request to noomi@noominatan.com


Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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