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[EP57] 3 reasons why praising yourself makes you a better leader

by | 27 Sep, 2022

How often do you praise yourself? Compliment yourself? Point out all the things you admire about yourself?

Or are you afraid of being ‘full of yourself’? Getting complacent?

Most people love getting great feedback from others. But what about from yourself?

Why does praising yourself make you a better leader?

In this episode I share three reasons why praising yourself is an important element in being a grounded, courageous and successful leader. We are not talking fake compliments or self-arrogance. This is something entirely different.

Listen to explore what happens and becomes possible for you when you start praising yourself more, and remembering you are worthy.

“No one likes a needy person. It’s just not attractive. And there is no leader power in being needy. It’s important to praise ourselves so we don’t need it from others. When you work damn hard on a project, it’s important that you tell yourself, “Well done. I’m so incredibly proud of you,” because then you don’t need it from others. It’s nice if they notice and take the time to say it, but it’s important not to need it. Because then you’re not in your power. If you want to show up and lead with impact, filling yourself up with praise is really important.”


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And remember, now is a good time to breathe. 


Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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