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[EP 32] Your genius doesn’t show up at your desk

by | 6 Oct, 2020

You have a deadline.

You need to finish this speech, this presentation, this email, right now. And you can do it. You know how to be disciplined and get things done. 

But it doesn’t have that sparkle. It feels like hard work.

It’s tough for information to flow when we’re trying really hard.

So if it doesn’t show up at your desk, how exactly do you catch your genius? 

Your best work comes to you when you’re relaxed. That’s when creative ideas can flow through you. You’re able to just catch them. It’s easy. Fun. And the impact is powerful. 

So how can you invite this genius energy, your creative flow, to come to you?

Listen to this episode for ideas on how to improve your leadership, your work and your life by creating space for fresh thinking and new ideas.

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