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Imagine having no line-manager, no performance reviews, no policies.

What do you think it would be like to work in an organisation like that?

Think of the time saved, the energy released and at the same time the real need for each employee to think and solve problems for themselves.

Listen to this fascinating interview with Simon Dixon, Founder of Hatmill, Supply Chain and Logistics Specialists.

When you listen, you will hear about:

  • The broken pyramid: The problem with climbing the ladder in traditional organisations.


  • How Simon set up Hatmill with a focus on just 2 key metrics.


  • Why there are no job titles or job grades at Hatmill


  • How to motivate people when there are no promotions to be had


  • The 2 contradictory things that take place in a traditional yearly performance review and what hatmill has put in place instead of the year-end performance review


  • Why saying “it’s not my problem” is a no go.


  • Respect for “the elders” supports the organisation


  • How you make sure that people will be genuinely helpful to each other


  • Frederic Laloux’s concept of a Teal Organisation.

  • How regular coaching sessions for all employees makes all people stuff run smoother.

And lots more.

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[EP 31] The no-line-manager “Teal” organisation with Simon Dixon

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