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[EP 30] How to boost your success memory – 5 TIPS

by | 8 Sep, 2020

Are you experiencing a break in your work or business life – whether by choice or circumstance? 

Maybe you’re on maternity/paternity leave, you’ve been made redundant or are on long

term sick.

When we take a break from work, for any reason, it can make us feel like we’ve forgotten

everything we once knew. It can make us worry we won’t be won’t be able to do anything useful again, we can lose our sense of identity and doubt if we’re still any good. In fact all these unhelpful thoughts and feelings can surface very quickly.


But your talents don’t disappear just because you’re having a break. Even if you didn’t chose the break – you are still full of talent and worth.

You need to look for the evidence.

Your success memory requires boosting.

Tip no 1 for boosting your success memory is to remember and reinforce the positive, by

looking back at your track record of success.

You can go through your old emails and look for thank-yous and messages of appreciation from colleagues, clients and bosses – and print them out. Get in touch with your old colleagues, mentors, bosses, friends – and ask them what they appreciate about you. Write down what they say, or even record it. Not to broadcast or to publish anywhere, but for YOU to remember!

For the remaining 4 the tips on how to boost your success memory, so you can come back stronger, better and happier than ever before, listen now.


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