How do you stay sane and calm in the sea of the unknown?

How do you keep going when it feels like nothing is certain and your whole world is being turned upside down?

How do you navigate your life when you are on information-overload but no matter where you look no one seems to have any clear answers?


That’s what most of us are dealing with at the moment. So what can you do?


Tip no 1 for riding the wave of uncertainty with grace is Extreme Self Care.

In the face of uncertainty, we get extra tired and drained. Not knowing, being in unfamiliar territory, spending time in fear, all that takes extra energy.


We need extra time to process and make sense. And that means we need more time for sleep, rest, journaling, more water, more compassion for self etc. In the episode I explain why I call it Extreme Self Care.


Want the other 8 tips? Listen now.


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[EP 28] 9 Tips to Ride the Wave of Uncertainty with Grace

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Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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