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I had just finished a speaking engagement and a woman came up to me and asked: “Has everyone got what it takes to be successful?”


It seemed like an innocent enough question, that also felt familiar, as I have heard many versions of it.


I started answering, but the answer felt a little bland. The question kept buzzing in my head looking for a better answer. When I came home, I realised what the question really meant. What the question beneath the question really was.


The woman who asked the question, obviously didn’t realise that there was another question underneath. And I don’t know her name, so she may never know…


But if YOU:

  • Have asked a version of this question: Has everyone got what it takes to be successful…


  • Want to know how to become more successful…
  • Wonder if you’ve got what it takes…

This episode is for you.

For more information about Noomi Melchior Natan and Leadership Behind the Scenes go to www.noominatan.com

[EP 24] Has everyone got what it takes to be successful?

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