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[EP 23] What drives success – learnings from a CEO, Professional Footballer and Explorer

by | 7 Jan, 2020


If you ask a Professional Footballer turned Professional Football Manager, a CEO and a Filmer Maker/Explorer How Do You Become Successful, do you think you will get some common themes and answers?


In November 2019 I had the honour of moderating a panel discussion on the topic What Drives Success? The speakers were Professional Footballer/Football Manager Chris Coleman, CEO Ros Deegan and Explorer/Film Maker/Mentor Coach Peter Penny.


We only had an hour for the deep dive into the success-topic, but some clear themes appeared.


Listen to the full podcast episode to get the details on what was said. Here just the theme headlines:


  • The importance of the love of it. You can’t become successful just because you think I need success. What keeps you going through the hard times is the love of it.


  • It’s more about attitude and grit, rather than born-with-it-talent.


  • Expect disappointment – don’t let it define you. Disappointment is part of the success journey. Work on your bounce-back ability.


  • Curiosity and learning. Decide that everything (particularly the difficult experiences) is an opportunity to learn.


  • It’s about taking 100% responsibility. Luck doesn’t just happen to you.


  • Knowingness, faith and prayer. (Listen to the podcast to understand more about this. It’s not often talked about in leadership and business, yet it’s one of the secret ingredients to a lot of people’s success).


  • Mentors can be incredibly helpful, but don’t blindly following someone else’s advice. Check in with yourself.


Have a listen to the full podcast episode to get all the nuggets.


And if you like the sound of this event – it was a brilliant Networking Event hosted in Oxford by Sue Rees of Sue Rees Associates and Hsin Loke of OMass Therapeutics – which included networking, inspiring panel discussion, yummy food (not just canapes) and money raised for charity – so contact Sue or Hsin if you want to be notified about their next event.


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