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[EP 22] 1 Clear Question to Guarantee Your Leadership Growth

by | 24 Dec, 2019

When I ask how my clients how they’ve been since our last coaching session, they usually say: “Busy.”

Busy is the norm. In fact busy is almost like a badge of honour and that tells us we must be doing something important.


But when a year has gone, what have you got to show for it? And have you grown?


We think, we will get to development and coaching when we have time… Or when we have a really big problem. Which means we postpone our own growth and expansion.


Right now, I want you to mentally take a glance at your to-do list. Tell me where does your reflection time and your development time feature on today’s list? This week’s list? This month’s list? Did you even write your development goals as a to-do? For most of my clients that would be a No. “My development doesn’t feature on my daily list,” they would reluctantly admit.


But in a year’s time, two-year’s time what’s more important?

Your growth or that project top of the list?

Your development or the 17 emails you have prioritised answering today?


What if there was 1 question that could help you develop and grow daily?

What if it didn’t have to be complicated and it didn’t have to take lots of time? Would that make you add your development to your daily to-do list?


Listen to the full episode for the key question and how to apply it. This is one simple idea, that can transform this year for you.


It’s about the relationship between you and you. About going deep on you. This is about YOU taking responsibility DAILY for your own development.


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