[EP 20] Myth: To become more successful copy those at the top

by | 26 Nov, 2019

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I very often get calls from leaders who’ve been told they have improve something to get to the next level of leadership. Makes sense.

But here’s how it often sounds:

Silver called me: “I want to become Partner in my firm and I have been told that I have to improve my communications skills. I have to become more polished, better at speaking to CEOs.” The other Partners in the firm were Oxbridge-debating-society guys and they wanted him to sound like them. That was the between the lines message.


The problem was, that Silver had grown up in a more warm-blooded country. He was not a native English speaker and would never sound like them. At best he would be a bad imitation.

You can get in big trouble if you try to become a copy of those at the top.

And still, so often my clients get told, you have become more like this person, or that leader, to get to the next level.


Instead – let’s not assume there is only one way a Partner in a firm can sound and look. Let’s look at what the next level of YOU looks like.


Here are four reasons why becoming a copy of another leader is a bad success strategy:

1. If you are trying to be someone else – you will always be the imitator not the original

2. You will water down your uniqueness and your quirks – the stuff that makes you great.

3. When you are trying to become something that is outside of you, you are guessing what looks good like. So you will be in your head trying to figure it out and miss out on feeling your intuition.

4. You will always be worried that you will be found out, because you’re not being yourself. And it’s exhausting having to keep up appearances of someone you’re not really like.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get promoted, elected, get to that next level, for being you!


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