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I look around and I don’t see anyone “above me” I want to be like.”  Ursula, a talented leader able to deliver both on people and profit promises was explaining to me why she wasn’t looking for bigger/higher opportunities.

“It looks like they sacrifice big,” she said.

She talked about the lack of integrity and the ruthlessness. She talked about doing business in a way that she doesn’t believe in.

And I was tempted to just agree with her. (Because in many ways I do). And I was close to “letting her get away” with not going for more.


That’s when I decided to share a quote that was told to me by my grandfather, but he attributed it to French politician Pierre Mendes France:

“The people will be happier when the power is held in the hands of those who don’t want it.”


So I told her – if she doesn’t see anyone doing it like she wants – that is the most important reason I can think of for her to step up and show that leadership can be done differently.


Key points from the episode include:


  • Why you need a role model and why that role model might be you


  • An invitation for you to step more into your power


  • Next time you judge someone in power… Next time you think: “I would never lead that way.” I want you to turn it around and see what that tells you about what you stand for as a leader. (Listen for the full exercise)


  • You don’t have to be a saint and save the world.


  • Find a way to be a little or a lot more courageous. Because we cannot have all the people with the most integrity and the most heart sit at home and judge and do nothing. That is not going to change anything.


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[EP 18] Where is my role model?

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Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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