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[EP 14] How you do one thing is how you do everything

by | 3 Sep, 2019

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Back in 2009 I was watching Celebrity Masterchef religiously. (I have a slight obsession with cooking programs).

I remember watching Iwan Thomas Welsh sprinter and Olympic gold medallist enter the Masterchef Final and thinking: well of course he can make it to the final. He has perfected the discipline, focus and passion required to make it to finals.

It made perfect sense to me that if you can learn how to excel in one discipline, you can transfer that same success-recipe to other disciplines.

But what if we were to take that further?

What if “How you do one thing is how you do everything”?

I don’t know who said this or where I first heard it, but I love how this sentence makes me stop and think.


Highlights from the episode:

  • We take ourselves with us, so how we do one thing is very often how we do everything.


  • How you deal with your TV remote control might tell us something about how you show up and perform at networking events.


  • How you push yourself – or cotton-wool yourself in work-outs at the gym – might tell us something about how you approach your work potential.


  • If you want a general shift – an up-level in how you show up as a leaders and business owner – instead of trying to shift lots of different behaviours – test out just shifting how you do one thing. (Listen to the full episode for more details on what this looks like in practical terms).


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