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[EP 12] The one decision that snowballs a million good ones

by | 6 Aug, 2019

Want to be a high achiever?

Then you need to ruthless in what you choose to bother your mind with and how you set up your daily routines.

We are faced with countless choices daily and bombarded with information. Guarding your mental capacity and limiting the amount of decisions you make daily is paramount, so that you can be available for the really important problems that need your attention.

Have you heard of micro-decisions or micro-habits?

They are seemingly tiny habits or decisions, that on the surface don’t seem like a big deal, but if you choose these cleverly, they can set you on an (almost) automatic path to million good ones.


Key points from the episode:  

  • We get decision fatigue if we don’t eliminate some of the many decisions we are faced with daily.


  • To have sustainable long-term success you want to save energy and enrol yourself into patterns that lead almost automatically to other good things.


  • If you want to up-level your performance at work, you don’t want to choose 10 new things to do. Because you won’t stick them (I know what you’re like – because I am a human too). Instead – choose one thing. One micro-habit or micro-decision that will set you on a path to more goodness.


  • For most of us, the micro-habit or micro-decision that will have the biggest impact is something that will slow you down and have you become conscious. Something that helps you re-focus on what’s most important.


  • In James Clear’s book Atomic Habits he talks about the importance of adding instant gratification or positive immediate reinforcement when you are embedding a new habit. Make sure to give yourself a huge pat on the back instantly, when you activate your new micro-habit.

Make it easy, make it feel good, make it lead to other things that really matter to you.

To understand how this really works and to hear practical examples, listen to the full episode now.

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