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[Ep 6] 7 approaches for when you can’t just talk about it

by | 13 May, 2019

Sometimes a relationship at work is tricky and everyone says: just talk to them about it. But you can’t. You know that you talking to your boss or your colleague who you are having trouble with isn’t going to lead to a productive conversation and you’re so frustrated because the current situation is draining your energy.

In this episode I share 7 approaches you can take when “just talking about it” isn’t an option. The headlines are here, but listen for full instructions and explanations:

  1. Go sideways. Strengthen the relationship before you go head first into the topic where you’re frustrated with the other person. The more appreciation that is present in a relationship, the easier it gets to have a difficult conversations.
  2. Ask yourself: What am I holding onto? What am I afraid of? When does it remind me of?
  3. Look for clues: What might this be about for the other person?
  4. Tell yourself: This person is a gift to my development
  5. Ask yourself: If there was something perfect about this situation, what would it be?
  6. Two winners: What if it isn’t about my way or their way… What if we could both feel great about this…
  7. Imagine the ideal scenario: How would you like it to be?

Let me know, which of these is most relevant to your situation.

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