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[EP 59] Final episode: 3 key learnings for success, favourite episodes and a new podcast

by | 21 Mar, 2023

It’s the final episode!

After three and a half years the Leadership Behind the Scenes podcast is coming to an end. But I’m definitely not going anywhere – a brand new podcast is coming! (And the Leadership Behind the Scenes episodes will continue to be available, so you can still go back and listen to earlier ones).

The Female Inner Power podcast: inspiration from strong women leaders is launching at the end of March, with a mix of solo episodes and interviews exploring what it means to lead from our female inner power, balancing our feminine and masculine energies.

In this episode, I bring you:

3 key learnings from the Leadership Behind the Scenes podcast:

  1. Why you should always be putting yourself in situations where you’re around peers who are even just one big, courageous step ahead of you – in the direction you want to go.
  2. How I discovered the importance of planning and batching. 
  3. The power of simply keeping on taking the next, imperfect step.


Podcast highlights and recommendations

And I share a few of the episodes I have recommended the most, episodes that really stand out for me, and that you, my audience, have most loved and returned to – and why these are worth listening to again.

Ep 35: Find your dream work with this powerful, inside-out approach

Ep 15: 5 reasons why judging your parents impacts your leadership power

Ep 6: 7 approaches for when you just can’t talk about it

Ep 5: The one detail that builds trust quickly

Ep 43: What no one tells you about choosing a coach

Ep 44: How to get the ultimate boss who will bring out the best in you


Find out more about the Female Inner Power podcast: 

And remember, now is a good time to breathe.


Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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