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[EP 53] 4 simple ways to love your life more

by | 2 Aug, 2022

Why do some people seem to love their life so much more than others – no matter what it looks like?

In my experience there are four very simple things you can do to start loving your life more, even if it’s not perfect.

1. Tell yourself you love your life
Find your happiness from the inside out: what you tell yourself has a huge impact on whether you love your life or not.

2. Be present
Joy is right here, right now.  So don’t miss this moment! Something changes in us when we focus on the present moment and remember that whatever your mind is distracting you with isn’t helpful, relevant or useful.

3. Practice gratitude and appreciation
It’s simple: when we’re grateful, more good things happen to us. No matter what your situation, we all have things to be grateful for. Don’t forget to appreciate all the little things.

4. Do more things you love more of the time
Stop bargaining with yourself (‘If I do X, then I get to do Y.’) Give yourself permission to do more of what you love, starting now. There’s always time to do what you love – and when you believe this, it becomes true.

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And remember, now is a good time to breathe.


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