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[EP 52] When you need answers and can’t find them

by | 19 Jul, 2022

What do you do when you need answers and can’t find them?

Perhaps answers to big life questions.

Or just answers that will help get you through the day or onto the next stage.

When you can’t find an answer, what do you do?

Questions and answers come from very different energy; the frequency of an answer will be very different from the frequency of a question. So to receive an answer you have to shift out of the question…

Listen to this episode to figure out:

  • Where your clarity comes from
  • Which of two different places you want to be accessing information from (because only one will serve you).
  • How you can get yourself into the right place to let go, open yourself up to the idea that possibility is here, and cross over mentally to the place where you’ll find all your answers.

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And remember, now is a good time to breathe. 


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