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[EP 48] When women brag: 3 ways to uplift all your female relationships

by | 24 May, 2022

What happens when women brag?

Have you noticed how women often connect around the lowest common denominator? Even underplay and undersell themselves to each other? 

There’s a good reason for that. Throughout history, woman have needed each other for safety and survival. So outshining other women never felt like a good idea – it seemed safer not to shine than be fully in our power. 

But by doing the three things I talk about in this episode, we can all be in our power and build stronger female relationships as a result.

  1. Have a bragging session! Things become real when there are witnesses to our accomplishments – especially things we wouldn’t normally celebrate. 
  2. See the strength in another person’s pain and struggle. Pity makes us feel weak, so practise seeing the strength in the other person instead. 
  3. Listen and filter from love. Be present and actually listen – without criticising, judging or making it about you! Your energy matters more than anything you can say, so send love.

Listen now.

If you enjoy this episode, check out the Female Inner Power Club – it’s a magical space, with many different resources to strengthen your inner power, and a safe space to connect with other women looking to uplift themselves and each other. Members of the Club report increased happiness, better job offers, stronger intuition, more ease and better quality lives.

And remember, now is a good time to breathe. 


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