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[EP 41] The most common block to trusting and following your intuition – and how to shift it

by | 29 Jun, 2021

What’s the most common block to trusting and following your intuition? 

When you have a strong intuition, you are more powerful, you make decisions more confidently, and you make them faster. You’re not so reliant on others; you are more tapped into your inner power. It’s just more joyful, and there’s more ease. You can trust yourself in your decision making process. And that feels great. 

So why is it so hard to trust our intuition?

In this episode I share the reasons why it’s so hard to do – and how you can learn to befriend and strengthen your intuition by:

  • Realising that while your rational, logical, conscious mind thinks it’s in charge, it is picking up trillions of pieces of subconscious information every day. 
  • Listening to the little hunches and quiet whispers from your unconscious mind – and learning not to second guess, think too long or hesitate. 
  • Honouring and trusting what your intuition brings, taking little action steps and seeing what comes next.

When your intuition is strong your life will feel so much more fun. You’ll be much more in your flow, you’ll expand your inner power and everything will become much easier.


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