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It’s been 11 years of (almost) daily mediation for me. The first 5 years of meditating I didn’t have any children. My time was MY time… It didn’t seem that easy at the time to stick to a routine – but looking back – that was the easy days.

Then I had my first-born, and as anyone with children knows, sticking to a habit that requires you to dedicate time to yourself in the hours when your kid is awake… yeah…good luck with that… 

But meditation is so important to me, it honestly makes everything else in my life better, that I have found a way to stick to it, even now that there are two young kids that call me mum.

And this is how I cracked the code of the habit place holder.

See doing something once is not tricky, it’s making it a habit that’s the really challenging bit. So, in this episode I share, through my experience of meditating with kids, how I discovered the habit place holder, how it works and how you can combine it with Kaizen, a Japanese concept, to help you really get that thing to become a habit that sticks.


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