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[EP 39] How to tap into your inner power to enjoy success from the inside out

by | 1 Jun, 2021

When you don’t have inner power, it’s like you are at the mercy of whatever is going on around you. Your confidence and your feelings about who you are in the world plummet. But when the power is inside of you and you can tap into it, you can feel your power, no matter what goes on around you.

There are plenty of people who manage to be successful, that don’t do their inner work. But they usually break a little (or probably a whole lot) along the way. They might break their relationships, their health, their finances.

If you want to be successful from the inside out, lead for something bigger than yourself, and you want to enjoy the journey at the same time, you need to tap into your inner power.

In this episode I share the three parts that make up your inner power: the systemic, the intuitive, and the practical.

  • Systemic: you are not living and working independently of every one around you and of everything you came from. You are massively impacted, shaped, and bound by where you come from and what you were born into.
  • Intuitive: if you want to be a faster, better, more brilliant decision maker, you’ve got to strengthen your intuition and allow something more than your conscious human intellect to guide you. Practice connecting with your intuition and inner guidance daily, until you trust yourself more than you trust anyone or anything else.
  • Practical: Inner power also comes from your practical habits. It comes from how you show up, how you carry yourself and how you speak. A huge part of the practical piece is knowing your values, who you are, and what you are for. What are you for in the world? What do you care about more than you care about your own fear? What matters to you more than your fear of being judged your fear of getting it wrong?

Listen now and discover how you can tap into your inner power – and enjoy success from the inside out.


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