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[EP 38] Reconnect with inner power, courage and potential after a year of COVID

by | 16 Mar, 2021

It’s a year since COVID began in the UK. It’s been a tough year for some, an amazing year for others, and for many a year of ups and downs.

But there have been so many really rich learnings from this time.

In this episode I share my learnings from the year of COVID. As you listen, I’d like you to notice which lessons are true for you – and what else have you learned or noticed about yourself?

For me, some of the things that have come up have been:

  • Our creativity needs to be nurtured in silence, space and retreat
  • Slowing down is paramount for health and productivity (and we can’t be equally productive on all days, or at all times or seasons)
  • When we reconnect with our inner power (especially our female inner power) we can inspire and uplift ourselves and others
  • We need to be aware of our comfort zones shrinking, and focus on expanding again so we can tap back into our courage and potential 
  • We have more freedom and possibility than we think, when we give ourselves the space and time to follow our flow and get clarity

Listen now, and start thinking about what you’ve learned in the past year – and how you can act on it now.


If you’d like some support on how to trust yourself, connect with your inner power and stretch out of your comfort zone, check out my freebies page! You’ll find lots of great stuff here, including online courses and workshops. 


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