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[EP 37] What to do when your colleagues reject your help

by | 9 Feb, 2021

You’ve noticed a colleague might need some help with something. Maybe they’ve missed something or haven’t spotted a problem that’s obvious to you. You know you can help! You have the answer. But when you offer your help, they don’t thank you for it – and they ignore your advice.

You wonder where you’re going wrong. Maybe you start to think you had better just stop trying to help your colleagues. 

This definitely isn’t about not helping. Creating a culture of helping each other in the workplace is important and a good thing. But offering your help in the wrong way can backfire majorly and make things worse.

So what do you need to pay attention to, to ensure that the help you want to offer lands in the right place?

In this episode I talk through the things you need to consider when offering your help to your colleagues, including:

  • Relationships and interpersonal dynamics
  • Why you need to put yourself in the other person’s shoes
  • The questions you should ask yourself before offering to help someone at work.


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