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[EP 34] 3 Reasons to Trust Yourself More than You Trust Anyone Else

by | 17 Nov, 2020

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Trust yourself more than you trust others.

That’s obvious right.

But how many times in the last month have you looked for input on decisions and new projects?

Was it really about buy-in and making the project better or was there an element of second-guessing yourself? Were looking for advice from others because you’re not fully convinced you can trust your own instincts?


How you often do you second guess yourself and look for advice from others, because you’re not convinced about your own instincts?

If I had listened more to other people than to myself, I would not be coaching right now. Because when I became a coach at age 27-year old, I became self-employed straight away because I thought: ‘Who would employ a 27-year-old leadership coach.’

Financially I was scraping by. I had success with the clients I had, but I knew nothing about marketing and I just felt so lucky to do what I loved, that I had no idea how to properly charge for it.

That meant that many of the people that loved me dearly repeatedly asked: “When are you getting a job? Maybe you should get a job. Maybe now is the time to get a job…”

I ignored all the well-meaning advice.


Because I trusted my inner guidance more than the advice of others.

Let’s be clear on one thing – I am totally a believer in creating buy-in, in collaborative decision making, in doing research etc.


But again and again I coach talented individuals that are holding themselves back, because they don’t fully back themselves. I see amazing leaders dim their spark and genius because they’re not sure of their instincts.


So if you’re the kind of person who leans towards “under-confident” and you know you could really do with trusting your intuitive powers more. This episode is for you.

You’ll hear 3 clear reasons why you must absolutely trust yourself more than all those wise people around you. Now press play.

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