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Have you considered learning to meditate, but it seems like it would be impossible to fit into your busy life? Not to mention, how would you even calm that busy mind of yours?

Then this episode is for you.


Jillian Lavender, from London Meditation Centre, and I dive into the importance of meditation for leaders and business owners. If you’ve ever been even the slightest bit curious about meditation, this is a must-listen.


Jillian taught me to meditate in August 2009 and I have been meditating ever since. I can honestly say it has made everything in my life better.


Jillian and I explore:

  • How Jillian went from corporate leader to mediation teacher.


  • How meditation helped Jillian with jetlag, stress and energy levels to be more successful in her corporate leadership job.


  • What Vedic meditation is.


  • How meditation works.


  • Why Vedic meditation is actually easy.


  • How stress makes you dumb and why leaders need to meditate.


  • Why is meditation better than a nap.


To find out more about Jillian and Vedic meditation visit: https://www.londonmeditationcentre.com/


If you want to hear how I manage to meditate imperfectly with young children, listen to Episode 4: https://noominatan.com/ep-4-meditating-with-kids-the-habit-place-holder/


And if you’re ready to take a mindful break to review your leadership, then get the free Weekly Leadership Check List for Smart & Conscious Leaders here:  www.noominatan.com/list – Leadership isn’t doing a lot of tasks… Review this list to see how you are really doing with your leadership.

For more information about Noomi Melchior Natan and Leadership Behind the Scenes go to www.noominatan.com

[EP 33] Vedic meditation for leaders and business owners with Jillian Lavender

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