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You can’t tell a perfectionist: “Just lower your standards a little”. Or “You need to learn what good enough looks like.

There is no satisfaction in good enough if you like to go for the best of the best (of the best).

The antidote to perfectionism is not low or lower standards.

Why would we even consider asking someone to aim for lower standards?

As a recovering perfectionist myself this is a topic dear to my heart.


Highlights from this episode:

  • When you are trying to get it right, get it perfect… you can’t get inspiration… it’s like sitting down to write a bestseller. That will give you writers block instantly.


  • Explanation of the real antidote to perfectionism. (Hint – think joy or impact. It’s about finding something else that is worth striving for that doesn’t bring the downsides of perfectionism to the ruling position in your mind.)
  • How perfectionism made me ill and had me on sick leave at the age of 25.


  • Striving for something to be the best it could be is often unhealthy because it is so undefined and so you’ll likely never “get there”.


  • The leaders and shakers in the world, make mistakes every day. They also have a huge impact because they take action every day.

  • How adopting the mantra “done is better than perfect” is essential for this podcast.


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[EP 19] The antidote to perfectionism

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