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[EP 17] Organisational Change Hangover

by | 15 Oct, 2019

“When is it going to be fun again?” a good friend of mine asked after a large round of restructuring at her work place. She loves her job. She has what for her is the dream job. But suddenly it didn’t feel fun anymore.

I told my friend that what she was feeling was normal. Then I went on to tell her about Organisational Change Hangover as she was likely already suffering from it.

We talked about how she could move through the organisational change process in the best way possible.

Because here’s the thing:

Organisational change, right-sizing, transformation, re-structuring, re-organisation – call it what you want – it’s never fun. In fact, it’s usually painful.

It’s not so much that the change happens. Because that’s part of the time we live in and most of us get that things change fast.

The lingering pain comes in large because we’re expected to just get on with it without any pause or upset. We have no language to express what it’s like going through this kind of work-change and no space to voice and process the hurt, anger, disappointment, sadness, frustration, fear we are feeling.

Sometimes people start saying: “Maybe I just care too much”. My heart bleeds when I hear those words. Usually they then follow it with: “I guess it’s just work” trying to convince themselves that they she should stop caring… But there is nothing JUST about it.

Work definitely isn’t just work (and if you want to hear more about why listen to Episode 1 of Leadership Behind the Scenes

Other highlights from this episode:

  • Outline of the Organisational Change Hangover symptoms. So if you’re wondering if this is what you are suffering from, listen and find out.


  • We feel more alone than necessary when we can’t talk about what we are going through. And tips on how to reach out to others.


  • We feel embarrassed for feeling strongly about something that’s supposed to be “just work”.

  • Some people don’t like using the word trauma about things that happen at our work places. And of course it’s nothing like the trauma of war zones for example, but it is traumatic for many of us living in the unknown wondering whether we have a job or not.


  • Step 1 in the 9-step organisational change hangover cure is: Know your worth. You’ll learn a powerful exercise to start working on your knowing your value at work.


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