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[EP 11] 3 surprising ways your childhood impacts your ability to lead and be led

by | 23 Jul, 2019

Did you know that your success patterns as a leader, and your ability to be lead has a lot to do with your childhood?

You might find this an inconvenient statement, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

What happened to you as a child, good, bad, ugly, joyfull, has influenced the leader or business owner you are today and there are hidden super powers in the patterns you developed as a child which you can start unlocking today.

Your childhood has shaped your:

  • Relationship with Authority
  • Leadership Patterns
  • Leadership Super Powers

Some clients that first meet me, say: “Can we just focus on work? I didn’t want a therapist, I am not really interested in this. I just want to be a better leader.” And yes – you could just focus on work – but then you’ll only get to symptoms. The root causes of your patterns all come from behaviours and survival skills you formed (unconsciously) as a child.

Key points from the episode:

  • The first authorities we meet in our lives are our parents. And so later on in life when we meet other authorities – like leaders/bosses at work – it brings up whatever unfinished business we have with our parents. And we all have unfinished business with our mum and dad. It also brings up patterns that we formed as young kids and most of us unknowingly walk around playing out these patterns for better and for worse at work.


  • Until we heal the original wound from our childhood we keep attracting a similar scenario. (Go listen to the full episode to understand more about this. It’s so important).

  • Your work self is not a separate you from the you that lived your childhood. For better and for worse what’s happened in your childhood has made you who you are today.


  • There are hidden super powers particularly from the most difficult parts of your childhood. You can unlock these safely and easier than you think. And not only will it make you a more confident and strong leader, it will also make you feel happier about your childhood.


The topic of this episode is central to all the work I do – and to why the coaching I do brings about a transformation that lasts a life time. It really is a must-listen episode, even if podcasts aren’t your thing.

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