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As a leader, you want to be acutely aware of anything that negatively affects your power, your ability to influence, and have people really come along with your initiatives.

(We are talking about the good kind of power used with integrity to do more of the good stuff – in case you were wondering).

 But did you know that impatience can minimize your leadership power?

 And if you’re a go-getter then you’re likely often impatient to achieve that “next thing”.

 In this episode I explain more about:

  • Why impatience is a “young” energy and it makes your energy go “up”.


  • The leaders you want to follow are not the ones that are grasping for things, reaching up. You want to follow leaders that are grounded.\


  • When you’re impatient and so focused on that next thing you want to reach; promotion, income target, client, award, – you’re missing out on other things. you’re not in the moment. And if you not present you’re losing leadership presence.


  • Behind impatience is often a question of “is it even going to happen?” – which can be an energy of doubt.


  • It can even lead to a paralysing effect where you’re just passively waiting for something to happen.

So what can you do to counter the power-minimizing effects of impatience?

  1. Instead of plucking apples – ground into the tree trunk. Sprout roots
  2. Look at this as bigger than you. Say: This or something better… Step out of ego, stop trying to control when or what.
  3. Ask yourself what can you take action on now?

Listen now to get the full scope on how this works.

For more information about Noomi Melchior Natan and Leadership Behind the Scenes go to www.noominatan.com

[EP 10] Your impatience minimizes your Leadership Power and 3 things to ground your power

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