Do you have to deal with difficult people at work? Maybe it’s your boss, a colleague, one of your team members.
No matter who it is – it’s draining.

And let’s face it – it can negatively impact your deliverables, your results, even how people perceive you.

So if you’re tired of battling with “difficult” people and you want an easier way, then I have something for you.

it’s my best coaching tips and tricks packaged

on short, no-fluff videos.

Even 1 of these short videos could shift that difficult relationship.

You’ll learn:

What it is that make people "difficult"
What the "difficult" person needs and how to give it to them in a way that feels good to both of you
A powerful quick exercise to do before a meeting with a "difficult" person to make sure the meeting flows better
How to turn "difficult" relationships into smooth-working partnerships

I watched this course yesterday and implemented one thing straight away. And the relationship is already better. Thank you.

J., VP at IT Company

Loved this course. It’s full of great tips. Watch all the way to the end as there’s a great gem about group attitudes in the last section. Six months later I am getting ready to re-watch as I need to work on some of my relationships and remembered you said the ideas work for non “difficult” people too!

Leonie, Kings College London

If you have to work with other people – this is seriously a must-watch.

Each video is 2-5 minutes long and the whole course is only 30 minutes long.

I am sure you’ve already spent way more than 30 minutes wanting to tear your hair out because of this person.

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