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   “The speed of results really surprised me. I thought that I had dealt with these patterns before hand, but through our work something has really shifted. I didn’t realise how much energy was draining me because of them. I feel so much freer now, more energy to do my work and live my life.” These are the words a senior executive said to me when I asked her about how she had found being coached by me.

What she was particularly fascinated by was the Constellations method I use in my coaching. Originally pioneered by Bert Hellinger, the method of Family Constellations has changed my life, the way I see the world and the way I work.

It is not easy to explain the power of Constellations because it is super experiential, so do get in touch if you are interested in having your own personal Constellation experience.

In the mean time, you can watch this short video, where I explain what constellations coaching is.


Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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