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CEO at 26: motherhood, board membership and challenging what it means to be a leader [ S2 E6]

by | 15 Aug, 2023

Loui Törnqvist is the Managing Director of Edition Wilhelm Hansen, the largest and oldest music publisher in the Nordics. She became the CEO aged just 26, and has run the company for 14 years.

Now 42, she lives in outer Copenhagen with her husband, three children, dog and chickens. Her garden is her zen space.

Loui is also the chairperson of the board of Koda, one of the biggest and most influential music companies in Denmark, with an annual turnover equivalent to £128 million. She is passionate about DEI and sustainability in leadership and life generally, and exploring the possibilities in alternative work/life balances. In addition to her other roles, she is also a trained psychotherapist, and created an organic skin care company in 2012.

In this episode Loui shares her experience and wisdom around:

  • Her revelation about women’s lack of equality in real terms – and how she became more aware of feminist issues and the importance of Female Inner Power.
  • Becoming a (somewhat reluctant) CEO at 26, making mistakes, and learning never to take power lightly, and how to make unpopular decisions without alienating employees.
  • The importance of loyalty in business – and how to inspire it.
  • Her board experiences, and what motivates her to work in this capacity

And she shares her insights into how and why she has challenged the norms and values of what it means to be a CEO – starting from the moment she realised she was pregnant, right after first being made Managing Director.



Loui’s LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/louisemarie

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