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1:1 coaching that lasts a life-time

Because work isn’t just work

Some days it’s really fun being your own boss!

Other days it feels overwhelming, exhausting, fear-filled and lonely.

As the founder of your business, the DNA of your company is closely intertwined with your own personal strengths, beliefs, patterns and mindset. Your blindspots and weaknesses become the shadow of your business and vice versa.

The good news is: If you work on yourself, not only will you feel better personally, so will your business.


I can help.

For the past decade I have coached leaders on how to overcome the blocks to performance.

I am not your traditional coach – I use the Constellations approach (link here) to help you dig deeper and start to get the results you are looking for more quickly, both in your business and your personal life’

I am a mix between a therapist, executive coach, cheerleader and the most supportive and fierce accountability partner you could imagine.

Through coaching with me, you can:

  • Shift those personal patterns that have been slowing you down, you so you can stop worrying about whether you can really do this, and feel more confident and powerful than ever
  • Achieve the momentum you’re looking for, by busting your blindspots, so action-taking becomes easier and more fun
  • Manage your inner dialogue so your mind can feel like a great place to hang out in and you have the clarity and calmness to know what’s the next right task that will give you the results you need
  • Get really clear on what your Zone of Genius is, so you can spend more time on things you love and outsource the stuff that gets you blocked

If it hadn’t been for you, I would have NEVER started my business. Ever. I just know it. You gave me confidence, and courage – without your coaching I would have never had the belief in myself to pursue the opportunity that I have gone after. You give so much more than what other coaches do.

Georgina Keeley

Owner, Georgina Keeley Luxury Robes

Chemistry is everything, so get in touch for a free 15 mins consultation

Click here or email me at

I coach in Danish and English and you can be anywhere in the world as I coach via video call. If you want to meet face to face, we can do that in Oxford or London.

Noomi has a great level of experience and knowledge in business coaching, but on top of that she has this 6th sense to work with people and understand where the real struggles are. Noomi helped me become more resilient to face the challenges of starting a business. Without Noomi’s coaching there would certainly have been more bumps along the road.

Paula Trindade

Owner & Architect, Studio Lisboeta


Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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