3 Easily Ignored Reasons to Promote a Mother*

I was recently coaching a brilliant executive. Let's call her Suzy. She had worked for almost two decades before having a child. She had established herself. She had built respect and success. Then she went on maternity leave. Ten months later Suzy...

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How to make your to do list meaningful

Can I ask you about your to do list? Is it longer than you have hours? Does it fill you with joy? Maybe not. Watch this short video and learn what to ask yourself to make your to do lists more meaningful and worthwhile.   What did you think? What's your favourite tip...

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In response to terror – do this one thing

How do you feel when you read about another terror attack? What's going through your mind when the headlines declare the latest death toll? I don't know about you, but I feel it. In my body. Though if I am honest, it depends on where the attack takes place. The closer...

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Not getting what you need from your boss?

Do you have a dream boss? Who can read your every need, who gives you all you need, who makes sure you are developing and growing, who strikes the right balance between supporting and challenging you? No? I'm not surprised. I've never met such a dream boss. However...

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Want to communicate better with senior stakeholders?

"I have this meeting. I want to get it right. I am scared to mess up. I have been told I need to be more strategic. These are very senior people." So often I hear some version of those words. Recently a new leader confessed to spending hours worrying about an upcoming...

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