Today is part 1 of two episodes about the “Ejector Seat”. The Ejector Seat is the kind of role in an organisation, where it seems like, no matter how hard you try to find the right candidate, no one is successful. People go off on sick leave, get fired or just leave – and quickly.

There is a pattern that keeps repeating with people only staying for a short time in role and no one being truly successful.

In this part 1 episode I will explain what the Ejector Seat is and how to make sure you don’t end up in an Ejector Seat role.

There is one crucial question you must ask before taking a new role.

And if you suspect you might be in an organisational Ejector Seat right now, we talk about what you can do to break the “curse”.

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[Ep 7] Ejector Seat Part 1 – The no 1 question to ask before you take a new role

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