Female Inner Power Coaching and Leadership Consulting

Female Inner Power Coaching and Leadership Consulting

Clients I have worked with include:

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Hi I’m Noomi,

Courage-Catalyst, Executive Coach, Team-Trust-Builder, Podcaster, Leadership Consultant, Wife & Mother.

 I‘m here to help you connect with your Inner Power so you can show up proudly making your life and leadership count.

We start by making sure you’re leading yourself first. We cut through the busyness and distractions that have you ignore your hunches, make you forget what really matters and cloud your clarity.

For the past 16+ years I have coached leaders and business owners in more than 15 countries on how to overcome the blocks to success. This is not surface coaching. The work we’ll do brings about a deep transformation that goes way beyond conventional leadership coaching. Because work isn’t just work.

When you tap into your Inner Power:


People naturally gravitate to you.


Work and business RESULTS flow easier. Much easier.


You feel strong, calm and proud.


You become the leader or business owner you've always dreamed of being.

“I would strongly encourage all to work with Noomi as what you get out of this is beyond description. Suffice to say I have worked with many coaches but no one compares to Noomi and her work using constellations.”

Jacky Griffith, Director, Changing Conversations

“Everything was something I had worked with before, but this time something totally shifted. After all the books I’ve read, the therapy, the courses – all of this work through 25 years – I am blown away that it would be a Skype coaching sessions about something work-related that really got to the heart of this – and now is impacting everything in my life. It’s totally amazing.”

Ann-Jeanett Moeller, LEGO House

“Personally it has helped me unlock positive leadership behaviours that I had suppressed as a result of other events. I am now better equipped to deal with difficult situations, without the need to resort to a demanding, driven leadership style that was my previous hallmark.”

Jonathan Kershaw, Head of Commercial, British Gas

Ultimately, having Noomi supporting me at this time felt really important to successful delivery.  But the conversations went beyond the work I was dealing with and into where I could make a difference as a leader.  This was where Noomi really opened my mind to a breakthrough moment.  I would highly recommend working with Noomi if you get the opportunity.

Director of Business & Legal Affairs BBC Studios & General Counsel UKTV, Sarah Sparks




Step forward with courage and confidence without sacrificing who you are or what you believe in

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